Q: What is FAR?

F.A.R. or FLOOR AREA RATIO is the ratio of total building floor area to the area of the plot and is the main regulatory control that specifies the maximum floor area that can be constructed on a plot for a building. Higher the F.A.R. value, more will be floor area within the same plot, and higher the pressure on land for infrastructure support services.

Q: What is Earnest Money?

An Earnest money deposits shows the seller that a buyer is serious about purchasing a property. When the transaction is finalized, the fund are put toward buyer’s installment/down payment. If the deals falls through, the buyer may not be able to reclaim the deposit. If the seller terminates the deal , the earnest money returned to the buyer.

Q: What is Carpet Area and Super Built Up Area?

CARPET AREA is literally defined as the exact area within the walls of your home.. It is the actual area where carpet can be laid and can be measured. SUPER BUILT-UP AREA includes the carpet area, the wall thickness, individual boundry wall area, individual drive way area, balcony area, mumty area, parapet wall area, outside flooring area, front projection area, rear back side projection area and sun shade area

Q: Who can buy property in Uttrakhand?

All Indian resident can buy property in Uttrakhand upto 250 Sq. Meters.

Q: What is the difference between a square feet and a square yard?

1 Yard = 3 Feet

1 Square Yard = 9 Square Feet

Therefore, 188 Square Yards = 1692 Square Feet

Q: Is home loan available against this property ?

Yes, Home loan is easily available for L.A. City. Finance available from HDFC, Indiabulls, SBI and other financial institutions.

Q: What are the documents required by bank for home loan?

List of documents require for home loan :

1) Salary Slip for last three months

2) Form 16 for last two year

3) Job contract letter from last employer

4) Passport Size Photo – 2

5) Address proof

6) Id Proof

7) ITR for last 2 years

8) Bank statement for last 6 months in which salary is being credited